1488€(per person)

Baltic States Walking Tour

Visit three Baltic States in 10 days and enjoy walking in National Parks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.  This tour is great mix of relaxed walking (average 2 hours a day) and discovering culture of the Baltic States by staying…

350€(per person)
Golf Vilnius

Golf Break in Vilnius (3 days/2 nights)

Discover a new golf European destination in Vilnius. Lithuania’s capital is situated very close to the geographical center of Europe, and is also within a 30-minute drive to three professional golf courses.

32€(per person)
Bobsleigh experience Latvia

Bobsleigh experience

PlayBaltic offers you to challenge your own extreme levels by experiencing the thrilling adventure with bob at the Olimpic Sigulda Bobsleigh track. You will reach up to 70-80 km/h during this unforgettable ride. Bob fits 4/5 passengers. Duration of the…

236€(per person)
Husky sled dog ride

Winter Adventures in Lithuania

Experience the true Lithuanian winter by walking on a frozen lake to the Trakai Island Castle, followed by a husky sled ride in the forest and some Lithuanian pancakes at a traditional farmstead. Enjoy a guided tour of Vilnius and Lithuanian…

30€(per person)

Medieval banquet in Tallinn

This is an option for history lovers who have at least once dreamed about going back to the past for a second. You will be welcomed at an authentic medieval restaurant with waiters dressed as if they lived in the…

34€(per person)
Dining Riga

Medieval banquet in Riga

If you ever got bored from common everyday dinner at your favorite restaurant, this option will surprise you with its unexpectedness. You will be taken back to the 13th century in an authentic restaurant that will serve you not less as…

100€(per person)

Food tour with food blogger Signe

We invite you to discover Latvian taste together with a famous food blogger – Signe. During 4 hours tour, you will taste famous Latvian rye bread cake, visit Riga Central Market and taste local products.

85€(per person)
Off road safari

Off road experience

Challenge yourself to an Off-Road experience next to Riga! You will not be disappointed. It is an exciting approach to Latvian nature and the wild. You will be placed in the forest with impassable barriers and challenged to show-off your…

75€(per person)
Pan cars rally1

Pan Cars Rally

PanCars Riga Rally is an unforgettable fun activity! It is a great team-building event done as orientation game by funny small Polish FIATs 126 painted by best Latvian Graffiti painters. Teams consist of 3 persons and rally takes about 2 h….

50€(per person)
ice curling in Tallinn

Ice Curling in Tallinn

Curling Rocks! Enjoy a fun day with your friends or colleagues. Curling is a fun sport which combines physical and mental skill. It is also one of the few sports in the world where all ages, genders, and abilities can…

95€(per person)
Off-road experience

Off-road experience

Discover Lithuanian nature and test your driving skills in the wild. Try The Off Road Experience! 4X4 jeeps will help you to explore natural forests, swamps and old villages. You will make photo stops and enjoy a natural wood barbecue….

35€(per person)
Segway Tours in Vilnius

Segway tours in Vilnius

We would like to invite you to visit the most interesting parts of Vilnius Old Town in a very comfortable and joyful way – by riding a Segway. Anyone can ride a Segway! People are ready within a few minutes….

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