32€(per person)
Bobsleigh experience Latvia

Bobsleigh experience

PlayBaltic offers you to challenge your own extreme levels by experiencing the thrilling adventure with bob at the Olimpic Sigulda Bobsleigh track. You will reach up to 70-80 km/h during this unforgettable ride. Bob fits 4/5 passengers. Duration of the…

30€(per person)

Medieval banquet in Tallinn

This is an option for history lovers who have at least once dreamed about going back to the past for a second. You will be welcomed at an authentic medieval restaurant with waiters dressed as if they lived in the…

34€(per person)
Dining Riga

Medieval banquet in Riga

If you ever got bored from common everyday dinner at your favorite restaurant, this option will surprise you with its unexpectedness. You will be taken back to the 13th century in an authentic restaurant that will serve you not less as…

75€(per person)
Pan cars rally1

Pan Cars Rally

PanCars Riga Rally is an unforgettable fun activity! It is a great team-building event done as orientation game by funny small Polish FIATs 126 painted by best Latvian Graffiti painters. Teams consist of 3 persons and rally takes about 2 h….

50€(per person)
ice curling in Tallinn

Ice Curling in Tallinn

Curling Rocks! Enjoy a fun day with your friends or colleagues. Curling is a fun sport which combines physical and mental skill. It is also one of the few sports in the world where all ages, genders, and abilities can…

35€(per person)
Segway Tours in Vilnius

Segway tours in Vilnius

We would like to invite you to visit the most interesting parts of Vilnius Old Town in a very comfortable and joyful way – by riding a Segway. Anyone can ride a Segway! People are ready within a few minutes….

65€(per person)
husky sled ride

Dog sled ride Lithuania

Experience the thrill of dog sledding pulled by a team of strong but extremely cute huskies during your visit to a local dog farm located one hour drive away from Vilnius.

35€(per person)

Dinner and Lithuanian beer tasting

Did you know, Lithuania is also know on the international beer scene? Dinner and Lithuanian beer tasting – perfect combination in order to experience Lithuanian food & drink traditions. We invite you to a small brewery located in the heart…

32€(per person)
cepelinai show

Cepelinai show

A nice mix of Lithuanian cuisine and fun moments at the cozy local restaurant outside the busy center of Vilnius. The restaurant owner will teach you how to make the most popular Lithuanian dish “Cepelinai” in a preserved ancient way….

20€(per person)

Lithuanian beer tasting

Is there any taste that could set a challenge for Belgian Beer? Yes! It is Lithuanian beer! If you have a great passion for brewing, we invite you for one-hour beer tasting and brewery tour followed by a tutored tasting…

110€(per person)
Hot.Air.Balloon cover

Hot air balloon flight over Vilnius

Vilnius offers you a unique opportunity to fly over the city in a hot air balloon! Meanwhile, this is such a great sightseeing tour is possible only in a few European cities. You and your friends will never forget the…

125€(per person)

Sightseeing flight with the helicopter over Trakai & Vilnius

Why choose an old-fashioned sightseeing tour if you can get aboard! Enjoy bird’s-eye views over Trakai and Vilnius Old Town on this 0,5-hour helicopter flight. This private tour is a unique chance to get closer to Lithuania’s nature and the…

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